Use your phone as a gamepad for your PC.

Play games on your PC using your phone as a game controller. Rotate your phone as the steering wheel in racing games. On-screen controls are available similar to a game controller.

Remote Gamepad app used with a racing game
Screenshot of Remote Gamepad app

Supported devices

  • PC (Windows 10/11)
  • Android phone or tablet

    (Android 9+)
  • Google TV / Android TV

    (Android 9+)
  • Generic Bluetooth controller (BETA)

    (Android 9+)

This app is compatible with all PC games which support game controllers. Use Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth for the connection. No additional hardware is needed.

Custom layouts

The included layout editor allows you to create and use your own game controller layouts.

You can customize the button position, size, color, shape, and more. Layouts can be shared with other users using a link.

Screenshot of the Layout Editor in Remote Gamepad app

Button presses on game controllers connected to your phone are forwarded. This allows you to use mobile game controllers with your PC.

A trial is available within the app. To continue using the app after the time limit, you can upgrade to the premium version or watch ads.